Saturday, 3 April 2010

Confessions of a Cloud Wrecker

Okay, I confess - way back in December, before we left for Alaska, I had a Martha Stewart moment that ended really badly. I mean, I should know better, I'm about as far from Martha Stewart as a girl can get, so any 'Martha Stewart Moments' I have are bound to end badly.

I was on a cleaning rampage and decided The Cloud needed some serious attention. I took off the cover and tossed it in the washing machine. Then put the 'rest' out on the deck to air out. When time came to put everything back together I decided that the Cloud was still a little 'gamey' so I decided to toss it in the dryer on the 'Fluff' cycle to knock out some of the dirt and dust lodged in it. Well, great idea IF I had remembered to turn the dryer onto a 'no heat' cycle.

This is what the Cloud came out looking like.

Oh, was I in the Dog House with Kara!! I apologized, I groveled, I tried to mollify her with Denta Stix. She was having NONE of it. In the end, since it was such a busy time of year, I stuffed the 'guts' back into cover, fluffed things up and hoped for the best.

This appeared to work, but Richard wasn't brave enough to take apart the Cloud (and why should he be - it really was my mess up and my problem) and wash it this winter and a few months of heavy Cloud use meant that it was BADLY in need of a wash when I got home. So last week I sucked it up and pulled it apart. Bits of green fluff flew. I stuffed it back together best I could but it was obvious the Cloud was done.

Thursday Richard and I headed into Edmonton for a 'city day'. On the shopping list in big letters was "A CLOUD". Richard can vouch that more time, thought and attention went into the purchase of a new Cloud then any other purchase for the day.
The model I settled on was not quite the same as the old Cloud, but I hoped it would do.

Bet was sent in to check it out first. She did a good job testing it out in a number of positions!

It passed the Bet Test!

Next up, shockingly, was Tic!

He was 'tickled' with the new bed!!!

And then it was time for the real test. She noted the new color, the rather gaudy edging and the fact that it was a bit smaller then the old Cloud, but eventually she tried it out!
She has grudgingly given it the "Kara Stamp of Approval".

Now X, being a 'big, rough, tough sled dog' (yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it) wasn't going to risk the Cloud until Kara had given it her approval. No way was he taking the opinion of a neurotic little border collie or a stupid cat. So he held out until this morning!

A think I might be officially off the hook! PHEW!


The Thundering Herd said...

Bet should really learn to relax - laughing.

Anonymous said...

Um...I think you may need more than one Cloud...
Jane and Denali's Legacy Pack

Stargazer said...

Nice replacement. My cloud wreckers have 4 legs. How is X coming along?

Kaos Siberians said...

I'm glad Kara was pacified with the new Cloud!

I wonder how the big tough sled dog is going to like going back out into the yard after the easy life??? Think he'll tell the others how cool life inside is and you'll have random "house bound" injuries amongst the team?

Anonymous said...

Who makes The Cloud and where do I get one for Blaine, my malamute. Will he fit on it?