Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Time to go (the Handler)

Well I guess it’s time to say good bye. As anyone who has had the pleasure and honour of spending any time here at NorthWapiti will agree, that is not an easy thing to do.
There are no words that can be said or put down on paper (or typed onto a keyboard) that can even begin to come close to describing the shear joy, pleasure and satisfaction of living with Karen, Mark and all the ‘family’. Sharing in their lives and adventures has been an awesome experience to treasure for the rest of my life.
Looking forward to keeping in touch and following the daily comings and goings via the Blog, now I have such an intimate knowledge of all the star characters it makes it so much more enjoyable.
Thank you Karen for all the great food, days out, and of course allowing me to indulge myself with your fantastic dogs, all of them a little star in the own special way, will miss them all. Of course thank you for trusting me to look after your home and treasured belongings for all those weeks on my own too. That would include caring for X and getting him back on all 4 paws and back into action. Boy how I’ve come to love that dog in a really special way.
Also for all the great quality time and knowledge we’ve shared together.

All the curly tails - keep up the great work, all the juniors and up and coming pups, you’re going to have a great life. The rest of the 'house' dogs , keep Karen safe, happy and entertained !

Looking forward to 'working' with you all again soon.

I think that ends one of the greatest chapters in the great big book that is life.

To be continued !

Bye for now




Huskymom said...

Enjoyed your stories and perspectives! Have a safe trip home. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed Richard's adventures at North Wapiti, loved seeing him in the flower pot while you were out playing around at the Iditarod Race. I am sure all of the dogs will miss him also. Looking forward to seeing you back soon Richard, take care of yourself.

Doug and JoAnn

Katerina said...

Take care Richard and have a safe trip back. I am sure Karen, Mark and all the "kids" will miss ya lots!

Beth G said...

I have loved your blogs Richard. You did a great job keeping all of us posted on the North Wapiti goings on while Karen was away. Best of luck in whatever is next for you. Keep in touch!

The cartoonist said...

Thanks for conspiring and inspiring on the blog and for taking such good care of the curly tails and the musher family.

The Cartoonist

Laurel said...

Enjoyed reading your views Richard. Good descriptions and a good sense of humour. As you were lucky to be there, I am sure they feel lucky to have had you as a handler.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great "B String" video and all your other posts! I am sure Karen and Mark and all the North Wapiti critters will miss you. Safe journey home!