Thursday, 15 April 2010

"Someone Was Here"

I've been a big fan of Inukshuks for years. I think they are a wonderful and cool symbol of the north.
The traditional meaning of the Inukshuk is "Someone was here"

Today we discovered this surprise in the dogyard -

We are so glad you were here Richard - and we can't wait till you come back!!!

Love, thanks and hugs,
Karen, Mark, Bet, Cricket, Kara, X, Nahanni, Mannie, Nik, Loki, Camilla, Gus, Draco, Joey, Jumper, Kaylinn, Crunchie, Rocky, Bolt, Pop, Snert, Jack, Newt, Skookum, Astro, Turtle, Tie, TopDog, Fritz, Bubba, Grit, Flash, Utin, Q, Moses, Hector, Herman, Wolvie, Irving, Wonder, Billie, Bingo, Roscoe, Charge, Shooter, Jr, Runner, Barq, Dasher, Rocket, See, Crackle, Snap, Spider, Jinx, Wifi, Dew, Trigger, Smartie, Jolt, Meg, Kim, Kelly, Isis, Sprite, Grimmy, Tramp, Sobe, Boo, Fritter, Casey, Olena, Beauty, Xena, Tess, Bang, Bait and Tic.


Ann said...

Love it!! Great job, Richard!!

Georganne said...

Aw you have cool friends! I want someone to make one in my yard too!

Katerina said...

How cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

Aww...I never even met Richard, and almost cried at his farewell on the blog; and now this! I can only imagine how much North WApiti will miss him! Heck, I'm going to miss him!!!
Jane and Denali's Legacy Pack
~^..^~ ~^..^~ ~^..^~

Chris said...

The Inukshuk is some thing that has stayed with me from my travels with NW and in the North.
I bought several and gave them to Family on my return.
A great thought Richard.