Friday, 23 April 2010


Many years ago when I was a city dweller I don't remember ever wishing for rain. In fact, all rain ever did was wreck outdoor plans! However for the last 21 years I've been a country dweller - and country dwellers obsess about rain.
Here in the valley we don't worry much about too much rain, but too little rain is a huge concern since it is so wooded.
Since we share our lives with over 70 other living, breathing creatures the threat of fire is something that can literally make me lose sleep.
This spring has been early and VERY dry. Earlier in the week the county issued a complete ban on all outdoor fires. The forecast kept predicting rain, but it just wasn't happening. Nerves around here were as dry as the ground!
Last night the rain FINALLY came. If I had been awake, I might have danced naked in the yard (but likely not!!). When I got up this morning and saw the rain still coming down I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I'm sure I was not the only one in the valley that felt that way.
However, it came to my attention that not everyone felt the same way about the rain though!
This is what I found in the back porch...

I know you won't be happy to hear me say it Cricket but we still need more rain! I guess the weather can never make everybody happy!!



Mushing Kodi said...

You need to move to Ireland where it ALWAYS rains lol. :)

ElizabethMC said...

YAY for the rain! It finally rained here in MO too - let me assure some 4 leggeds were not happy - but the yard, flowers and trees are VERY grateful! More forecasted for today and the weekend, but at least things are now green!

granimar said...

Sorry Cricket, but what Kare4n says is so true and you would like fire and smoke a whole lot less.
We finally got rain late yesterday in my part of Montana----thunder, didn't see any lightning and buckets and buckets of rain.Maybe more today. Karen hope you get more today also.

Marilyn said...

That's one ticked off Cricket, what a face!!!!

Chris said...

It looks like cricket has really found a new bed for keeps.
Love that face :-)