Friday, 12 November 2010

Back By Popular Demand - Dog Of The Day

Last year we did a 'Dog of the Day' feature on the blog to introduce everyone to the dogs in the 'Main String' for the season.
As per your requests, I will being doing the same thing again this year!!

First up will be the 'Veteran race dogs' - dogs like Crunchie, Rocket, Dasher and Charge who have raced with us in the past.

Next will be the 'experienced rookies'. That includes dogs like Dew, Utin and Turtle - dogs that have trained up with us for at least one prior season, but fallen a bit short of making the race team in previous years.

And the last group will be the 'rookies, like Astro, Boo, and Rocky, who are in their first season of serious training.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

1 comment:

mgailt said...

Now THAT, I will be looking forward to, Karen. Especially when "my" Crunchie is featured! I've been "in love" with that boy since I met him at the Fort St. John CKC show in Taylor in May, 2006.