Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"Hey Bro"

 "Hey Fletch, I think I have a bit of kibble stuck in my back teeth. Can you take a look for me?"

GAWK!!! "What the heck have you been eating???? Your breathe smells like dead cats!!!!"


Anniegirl said...

OMG...I soooo needed that laugh today! Thanks Karen!

Susan said...

Karen, you never cease to bring about the laughter. Thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I also needed a laugh today, thank you so much! Love your blog.

Caron Smith said...

Hey Karen

Awesome photogrpahy skills to catch that one. Was missing your blogs for last few days, but now I have had my fix :-)

Happy trails

Anonymous said...

My laptop died on me so I haven't been able to read the blogs lately. Boy was I happy to read this one @ work. It was too funny! You have such a mind for captions karen.
Thanks for the chuckle & glad to see you back blogging!
:)Sitka's Mom