Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy Campers

Temperatures last week took a serious and unexpected dive down to the -30 range. It didn't stop us from running dogs ...

The Brit - bundled up for the cold temperatures - with leaders Q and Runner

My team on a cold, but gorgeous day!
...but it did postpone a planned camping trip.

On Wednesday temperatures made a huge jump back up to 'normal', so Richard and I beelined out the door  Thursday morning for a run to the campground.

Thirty two dogs and two mushers ready to head out.

Richard's team leaving our property.

My team - that is Roscoe and Runner in wheel.


Big Sky!!

The Amazing Dasher - she rocks!!!

Richard's leaders - Rocket and Dasher

The sunset was spectacular

Richard chopping a hole in the lake ice so we could get water for the dogs.

Ready to head home!


1 comment:

mgailt said...

What an wonderful camp-out it must've been! And that awesome sunset picture -- OMG!

That Dasher is pretty awesome, too, Karen, the way she strides out! Beautiful form!