Sunday, 21 November 2010

Simone's New Job

There is good and bad in Richard's arrival this week.

While all of us are thrilled to have him back, Simone just came out to fill in until Richard's ever tolerant wife (Hello Kim - we are taking good care of him. If he tells you I almost got him killed on the highway today, he's exaggerating!!!) allowed us to steal him back, so it is almost time for Simone's trip to Canada to come to an end!

She leaves on Tuesday to return to Switzerland and has a new job waitressing at a resort in the Swiss Alps starting in 2 weeks.

We will all miss her and wish her nothing but the best on the exciting paths her life is surely to take her on!!

Happy Trails Simone!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Simone! You are a very lucky person to have had the experiences you did @ NW. And I envy you so very much going to a ski resort in Switzerland. Ah to be young again!!!
Sitka's Mom

Wild Dingo said...

Oh that comic is soooo funny. Hey i just moved from NorCal to Switzerland (Lausanne, Vaud area). I hear a lot about sled dogs here. I never see them out and about in town. I take mine on long walks in town and on trails and I never see any sibes or northern breeds. but i hear they have all sorts of sled dog sledding here. unfortunately for my sibe, she has hip dysplasia and can't pull, tho i'm sure she'd LOVE it. i am contemplating THR for her... anyway, jsut thought i'd pop in to say i live in CH too.