Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Like A Fish To Water....Sort of!

Since I have been away the last three weekends and my Border Collie has nearly died from boredom (according to her anyway), yesterday I decided to take her and my visiting niece Corrine to the city for some biking and playing at Tewillegar Park.

Sadly the Park has sustained a bit of damage due to recent high water but there were still lots of paths for Bet, Corrine and I to stretch our legs!!

It was VERY warm out - in fact, with the humidity taken into account, it was the warmest day EVER recorded in the city - so we had to take a lot of rest breaks!

With a small bit of coaxing Bet finally agreed to cool off a bit in the river!!! Shocking!

Told you it was hot!!!
I was encouraged enough by this that when we stopped by one of the ponds Corrine and I decided to see if we couldn't get my water phobic dog swimming!!

Those of you that know Bet might think these pictures were photoshopped, but I assure you they were not - she was SWIMMING!!!

She was VERY proud of herself!!!!

And I was very proud of her too!! We celebrated afterwards with Frappuccinos at Starbucks...

Today we biked out to the Game Cam to change it's memory card and then swung by the Tawatinaw River.

Bet was keen to prove that yesterday was not a fluke.

There was one brief 'crisis' moment but it did all get sorted in the end!

It is great watching her enthusiasm for the water increase as she gets more and more comfortable (and she has learned a trick I've never seen a dog do - she 'anchors' herself with one front foot and then floats in place - and NO, I'm not kidding!!!)

I am so excited that I will be able to cool my biking companion down in water now, as that has always been a big concern for me on our adventures!!! Yeah Bet!!

And just a few more shots of Corrine, Bet and my biking adventures yesterday and today!!! It has been wonderful to have some company while pedaling the last few days!!!!


Khady Lynn said...

Start getting use to the humidity! When you hit Iowa at the end of July you are gonna wish you were back in Canada!!

Khady Lynn

The Dancing Donkey said...

Congrats Bet! My own BC refused to swim until he was four years old. Once he got the hang of it though....he is nearing eleven and swims every day in the summer.