Sunday, 2 March 2014

It Takes a Village...

It is said it takes a village to raise a child. Perhaps....but if so, it take a CITY to 'raise' an Iditarod dog team.

My city is amazing. It is involved, interesting, and diverse. From the 'sanitation crews' to the 'financial wizards' to the labourers, artists, vets, chefs, tradesmen, folks who read newspapers over coffee or those that line the streets to watch and cheer as the team goes by.

Individual recognition does need to go to some of the inhabitants though (even though it always makes me shudder to do this - as I am so very fearful to miss someone).

First off the following businesses and individuals -

Corporate Sponsors
Eagle Pack
Skookum Brand
Mountain Dog Food
Alpine Outfitters
Arctis Carts
Timber Ridge
Dr. Tannis Jackson & Westlock Vet Clinic
Dr. Ruth Sims of Kettle River Veterinary Services 
Doug and Donna Finner
Jon & Jona Van Zyle
Best in Snow Photography/Dan Rehak & Heather Walls 

Lara and Alice Baker
Morna Murray

Team Dog Sponsors
Polly’s Pet Services/distributor of dax-scooters
Anne Trygstad

Lara and Alice Baker
Wheel Dog Sponsors
Patricia Arnold
Rodney Whaley
Sandra Morrison, Francesca Apruzzese and Brad Morrison
Tammy Taylor

Mary Uhlir

Happy Feet Sponsors
Kathy Copeland
Lois Greene
Junior, Batdog & Spider Ellinger
Richard Gallea
Barbara Sheroke
Kristin Fox
Gillian Kirby
Trudy Babey
Joyce and Bruce Stegmaier
Maren Gibson
Marian Siegel, VMD

Dog Sponsors
Astro    Dana Joyner
Barq    Friends of HTHNBR
Billie    LaRita Skipper (Rita)
Bingo   Mary Atkinson
Boo    Tammy Taylor
Charge    Pat Bach
Crackle    Pamela Schweitzer
Chewy  Brittany Butt
Cindy  Diane Shepard / Jackie Phalen
Dasher  Cheryl Dawson
Falcon  Deidre Huddy
Fletch    Bill and Polly Bray
Google   Debbie Custer
Hector    Kansas Krew
Herman   Alice Fitzgerald
Horton  Nannette Morgan
Irving    Kim Lavsa
Jack    Karen Brunoro
Jinx    Shirley Hall
Kelly    Deb Bok
Loki    Deb Custer
Mighty   Hermle Family
Missy    Maureen Zavodjancik
Molly    Friends of SOS-SRF
Neo    Heather Croke
Odie    LaRita Skipper (Rita)
Olena    Marlene Phillips-Daniels
Pop    Deb Rawaillot
Q    Sophia Dalidakis
R2  Cindy Hawkinson
Rocket    Deb Custer
Rocky    Mary Halvorson
Roscoe   Hermle Family
Ryka    Cheryl  and John Dawson/Barb and Mike Branham
Scud    Nelson Tromp
See     Marlene Phillips-Daniels
Skecher    Alice Fitzgerald
Smartie    Karen Ernest
Snap    Heather Walls/Dan Rehak
Squib    Barbara Sheroke
Tess    Marlene Phillips-Daniels
Todd    Joli Jurcak
Tramp    Lois Greene
Turtle    Kathryn & Pete Trussell, Frank & Paula Langenstein
Wifi    Barb and Jerry Lake
Wolvie    Brenda Potter, Becky Campbell, Rob & Colleen Wolfe, Carolyn Martin, Mark & Kelly Fraser
Wonder    Ursula Rempel
X    Janene Corbin

Crunchie’s Sponsors
Andre & Natalie van der Merwe - Snowdrift Siberians
Eric Johnson & Sondra Schol
Michele Carter
Scott Bennetts
Carol Jackson & Mark's West Coast Family

Vader’s Sponsors
Andre & Natalie van der Merwe - Snowdrift Siberians
Alice Fitzgerald
Michele Carter

Drop Bag Item Sponsors
Melissa Krahmer
Clarise Kavooras
Christina Ingrassia
Debbie Hallenbeck
Kelly Neumann
Sandra Goodman
Tammy Taylor
Barbara Bennett
Debbie Hallenbeck
Susan Lavin
Karen Czarnecki
Regenia Campbell
Kathleen Shuman
Rita Skipper
Sarah Lingle
Dana Joyner
Joice Himawan
Louise Rathswohl
Laura Albin
Jennifer Reiter

Snack Bag Sponsors
Finger Lake   Deb Bok
Rainy Pass    Cindy Hawkinson
Rohn    Sondra Schol
Nikolai    Joli Jurcak
McGrath    Jenifer Maksin
Ophir Morna Murray
Takotna    Ricki McLaughlin
Cripple    Lauri  Goforth
Ruby    Christina Ingrassia
Galena    Kathryn Trussell
Nulato    Maren Gibson
Kaltag    Dusty
Unalakleet    Kelly Neuman
Shaktoolik    Andrea Russell
Koyuk    Donna Finner
Koyuk    Deb and Mike Rawaillot
Elim    Lynda Brown
White Mountain    Sarah Lingle
Nome     Morna Murray
Nome     Joy Curtis

Bet's Sponsors

Susan Westwood
Lois Greene
Terri  Laundon
Sara Dunham
Michelle Lee
Melissa Beers

Cricket's Sponsors
Lee DesJardins
Terri Laundon
Stephanie Wesloh

Bait and Tic’s Sponsors
Robyn Bultitude

KD Kitty’s Sponsors
Deb Flewelling
Vickie McConathy
Barbara Mitchell
Jenifer Maksin
Lois Greene
Colin Fay
Claudia Ellano
Babeth Raible
Mrs. Borman’s 3rd Grade Class/Thomas Richards Elementary School

Wayward GPS Sponsors
Alice Fitzgerald
Jared Henegar
Marian O’Reilly
Ricki McLaughlin
Kim Brownell

Memorial Sponsors

Keri Carbert
Nina & Sue Gingerich

and then -

The greatest Minions a musher could ask for Heather Walls, Dan Rehak, Donna Quante, Shelly Lewis, Jenifer and Mark Maksin, Polly and Bill Bray, Nina and Kev McGeehan, Karen Ernest, Helen Thorgalsen, Kristin Fox, Jan Mitchell-Jasa, Kathryn Trussel, Kim and Kelly Berg, and Penny Blankenship. They have all helped me take 'the city' to a new level.

Pat and Mark Ellinger really stepped up and helped out in an important way this winter. I am so very appreciative! 

Julia Kluacke, Shelly Lewis, Sophia Dalidakis and Di Mitchell have really helped keep things ticking along at the kennel. That is so appreciated. 

Gabriella Husch and Athabasca Massage Therapy. (Cannot WAIT to get on your table again!!!!)

Jamie West and Harry Banks are without a doubt family. It is so wonderful to be back with them in Willow. It has been a homecoming for the team and me.

Doug and Krista Grilliot have long been 'behind the scenes' supporters of the kennel. From the best smoked salmon in the state to meals to driving vehicles to guns, there seems to be no limit to things they are willing to help me with.

In 2010 Richard Todd came to handle for me at the kennel. He quickly became 'just' a friend (sadly for him, I am way 'harder' on my friends than my handlers!) - one of the truest friends you could ask for. A simple 'thank you' is all he will ever accept for all he does. Thank you Richard.

And most importantly, my husband. Being married to me is not easy or fun - but he has managed to tough it out for 28 years. I appreciate your tolerance more than I can say.
Love you Babe!

and, of course, to the most wonderful Border Collie in the entire world, Bet, and the Pretty Sled Dogs. You all enrich my life so very, very much and I love you all beyond measure.

Yup, my city is without a shadow of a doubt one of the BEST cities in the world to live in.

Thank you to all that live, visit or pass through NorthWapitivale.



The Army of Four said...

Wishing you a safe, successful run!
Karen K.
Zim, Cam, and Maggie

Jack & Moo said...

*sniff* that's so lovely! I'd like to say a big Thank You for all the photos you post, giving those of us who will (most proabably) never have the thrill of gliding with a team of pretty sled dogs through the beautiful snowy woods, a glimpse of that experience.
Paws crossed, we wish you the best for a fabulous time on your last Iditarod run.
Go, Pretty Sled Dogs!

Jack, Moo, & Pat

Ricki said...

Karen, You ROCK!
Have fun on the trail! Take all the time you want getting to Nome! Stop and smell what ever flowers there are along the trail!
Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Karen that was a beautiful tribute to your "City".
Much appreciated. Have a great run!