Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Iditarod Banquet - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, it's your Roving Border Collie Bet here.

Right off the top I just wanted to say that I didn't get to go the banquet at all... they really need to change the rules to allow qualified sleddy sled dogs (of which I am one now) to go to the banquet and taste the good foods and watch the fun.  Sometimes its all work and no play for us support teams!

That's what the ticket looked like to get into the venue... anybodies want to bid on one?  Just asking.

Anyhoo, the Musher looked FABulous in her ensemble that I picked out especially for the banquet, and she got to meet her fans and see other Mushers.

One FANTABULOUS fan (the Nyquil swigging cartoonist didn't get her name... she's so fired after this race) made the Musher this awesome raven pin for her that totally popped and made her ensemble even better (if I do say so myself)

Isn't that amazing!!!!!!

So, the banquet went something like this... everyone came in and found their tables, and there was a lot of chatting and gabbing and autographing and milling about.

They had auction stuff there and silent auction stuff there and cool things to see and they were showing presentations about the Iditarod on the big screens and stuffs and things.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without Hobo Jim!  He sang good songs and peoples sang along.

There was three full tables of North Wapiti supporters and although they don't look very happy in this picture, I can assure you they were having a great time!  They were, seriously, they told me later on.

The Musher signed a lot of autographs for fans

and posed for a lot of pictures with her fans... we LOVE her fans, they are the bestest fans in the entire world!!!

She assures me that she did get a chance to eat at the banquet, and that is why she didn't bring me any leftovers... sigh.

She also got some things from students that she will be carrying in her sled and some very sound advice from Jalil!

A bunch of important peoples from the State and the Iditarod Trail Committee did some speeches and an auction, and there were introductions and entertainments and then it was time for the Mushers to pick their bib numbers from the sacred mukluk.

Some of you may or may not know (and I'm about to tell those who do know, so if you already know, you can skip to the picture below) that the mushers pick their numbers in the order that they sent in their entries.  So if you were jiffy quick sending in your entry, you get to be the first to draw your bib number.

The Musher finally got called and she got up on the stage to resounding applause.

Then she picked her bib number, which was 59!

Then while some mushers made speeches and thanked peoples, our Musher is a woman of very few words, so she thanked everybodies and made her exit (to more resounding applause because it was getting late and stuffs... and things.

She's very speedy... I taught her that.

Then there was more meeting and greeting and eating and drinking and making with the merry and then everybodies went home.

The next bloggity blog will be all about the Open House, that I got to attend as the Mistress of Ceremonies!!!

- Bet

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Pat E. from MN said...

That was a fantastic and very complete report, especially considering you weren't even there. We should have collected all the steak we didn't eat and had it delivered to you. Sorry about that.