Saturday, 5 July 2014

Another... Adventure - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

So... the Musher asked me if I'd like to go on another adventure, and I was all like "Oh yes, more gopher goo??", and she was like... "Um, probably not, no much more important".

Now, I'm all about important adventures, and what better co-pilot could there be for important adventures... namely ME!

I hopped in the trusty truck and off we zoooooomed.

As we zoooooomed, the Musher told me that we were picking up something very important, and it would be up to me to be the ambassador of North Wapiti, and how I needed to put a good paw forward because the thing we were picking up was very important and would most likely be important to the Pretty Curly Tails, and that I needed to be on my game and blah blah I slept through most of it, but it sounded very very very important.

So, we get to the destination and there it was... um... errr.... eeesh, it was HUGE.  I mean HUGEY HUGE, and I was all like "ummmm, errrrr... on behalf of North Wapiti we welcome you and please don't crush me"

So, we loaded it into the truck and can I just say that after about 10 minutes it did something so horrendously horrible that I was thinking "um, seriously... you were concerned about a little smattering of therapeutic and moisturizing gopher guts and you put this in the truck???"

Peoples... I tell ya... I had to lay on the floor of the front seat just to breathe, it was a stench so foul, I have no idea how the Musher remained conscious to drive.

We got home and it immediately had a date with the bath tub... except it doesn't really fit in the tub, it's so BIG!!!!

So, ladies and gentlemens... I present to you... the newest resident of North Wapiti... I'll let the Musher provide more details because I'm still a bit nauseous.

- Bet (urp)


Louise said...

Got carsick, did she/he? What does the world-famous guard dog think about all this?

thecrazysheeplady said...