Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's Time....

Molly has been an EXCEPTIONAL mother to her children. I am blessed with some really GREAT maternal genetics in my lines and have had a lot of great K9 Moms over the years - but Molly still rates up there as one of the best.

It is clearly obvious that she enjoys her children - but everything has limits. Over the last few days the puppies have breached her one remaining escape from them - the top of the dog house.

There is now no where for her to escape needle sharp puppy teeth and endless puppy energy. It is time Molly move out.

 "Oh thank GAWD!!"

"I mean, look at them......"

"...they are adorable!!! And perfectly behaved. I have completed my job!"


"Hey, give me a break!!! They are evil...."

"I've done the best I could!"

I know Molly. You have done a GREAT job. Time to turn them over to me!!!

"Thank you!"

"I can't wait for some 'ME time'."

"Without prying noses!"

"I'll work on growing fur, and putting on some weight, and planning for the upcoming race season...."

Here I'll put you in the pen next to them for the next few days so you can keep an eye on the puppies while they adjust.

"Puppies - what puppies??????"


Polly Bray said...

Kind of sad seeing them all lined up at the fence and not able to get to her. Obviously it's not bothering her much though!

Lori Lee said...

Good Job Molly enjoy your summer