Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Full Time Shifts Begin.....

Bear is settling nicely into kennel life here.

He had been spending any unsupervised time in one of our pens, but after some 'negotiations' regarding the cats, most specifically KD, the time has come for him to assume some full time work.

Last night was his first 'night shift' and he did great (KD opted to sleep in the house - just to be safe).

I'm going to need to get used to his barks though! I can sleep through Cricket's routine announcements and warnings (some nights that happens fairly frequently, most nights hardly any are necessary) but a 'strange dog' bark wakes me every time!

In accordance with his contract, benefits including spa treatments, medical, snack package etc, have already begun.

Bear getting a Spa Day from Nina!
Bear and Cricket having breakfast!
Checking out the local watering holes.

Meeting the 'locals'. (Bear is very respectful of the dog yard and doesn't venture in - but has met a number of the Siberians one on one.)

Hanging with the Boss. (Yeah, we all know who is REALLY the Boss around here!)

Trying to rid the kennel of flies!

Welcome to the Circus Bear!!!!!


Karen Czarnecki said...

Bear, you are home!

Beth Wheeler said...

He looks content.... I loved the pics of him meeting some of the dogs... he is a gentleman and has respect for those he is there to protect.:)

Louise said...

How is he size-wise, compared to Cricket? He looks bigger, but that could be because of his color and her summer cut.

Marilyn said...

Wow, he looks like he belongs there!