Sunday, 20 July 2014

North Wapiti Knowledge Nugget - Bet

Well Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

We've been ultra-mega busy here at North Wapiti Kennels lately and there have been questions about the new dog and stuffs and things, so here's an update and a nugget of knowledge (there will be a quiz, so pay attention).

So, we all got together for the big Canada Day celebration picnic.  Good friends, good food, and everyone showed up.

Yogi arrived and was immediately upset that I took the comfy chair... he also wasn't sporting any fashionable ensembles because I told him it wasn't a fashionable ensemble type of party so he pretty much pouted the entire time.

Bait showed up when he found out there were boxes.  He insisted we all call him Lord Cuddly Boots... yeah, that didn't happen, so he pouted most of the day.

KD was busy watching the Tour De France bike riding thingamabob.

She keeps trying to trip up the riders because she thinks its funny when they fall... I have no idea what's become of her lately.

She decided to join the party later in the day and then complained when we were out of bacon.

Cricket found some time from her guard duties to make an appearance.

She guarded the plates.

I had my comfy chair, had some snacks, and I may have had a beer... or two...

I must have been a bit dehydrated because it went right to my head and after eating I needed a nap.

The Musher called me a lightweight and attempted to dip my paw in some warm water, but I wasn't that "exhausted".

So, that was all very exciting.

During the hot summer months, there's not a whole lot of training to do, and now that the Molly Toddles are bigger, my Nanny duty is pretty much over.  They're in their own pen now, the biggest thing that will happen (when they are ready) is that they'll get introduced to the main dog yard, so that leaves my days for very important things (and stuffs).

Now while it may seem like I'm napping, I'm actually doing my Yoga moves to keep limber and stretchy.

I also have to keep an eye out on KD, who tends to get into things she shouldn't be getting into... like easily accessible foodables.

MUSHER!!!!  KD is attacking your nuts and apple slices!!!!

I hate you.

After everything I've done for you, that's how you talk to me?

Leave the plate alone!!!!  MUSHER!!!!!

Shut up, I'm trying to capture the trees

It's a design on the plate... seriously, what is wrong with you?

See... it's exhausting.

Anyhoooo, a bunch of you have asked about Bear... he's still in training and learning stuffs and things.

You've also asked what breed he is.  He's a Sarplaninac... which is pronounced Sarp... Sarplana.... big goofy dog.

We've kinda bonded since we have a lot in common:
I flunked out of baa baa sheepy thing school.
He flunked out of guarding baa baa sheepy things.

um... ok, so that's about it actually, but we're both not too crazy about the baa baa sheepy things.

He doesn't like thunder, so when it stormed he would hightail it to shelter and leave the baa baa sheepy things to fend for themselves (and frankly I don't see a problem with that).  Cricket doesn't like thunder, so the only problem we have now is both he and Cricket trying to squeeze through the cat door whenever it storms.

Other than that, I'm training him to realize that he's the "outdoor" help.

While I'm the privileged "indoor" supervisor that requires vigilant guarding against stompy things, and things with beady eyes and poky poky beak things.

And these are his "sheepy things"

Except Cindy Lou Who is making it a bit harder teaching him what his responsibilities are.

I'm a model... you know that right?  So I expect my cappuccino first thing in the morning, not too hot, not too cold, and have my model booking appointments in my calendar, and I also want my kibble with a little soup, not just during training season, but ALL the time... you can handle that, right? 
It'll take some time to get him up to speed.

No Bear!  Cappuccino has more froth than latte... duck, she's gonna throw it!!!


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