Sunday, 14 September 2014

Busy, Busy, Always Busy - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Yes, yes, I know, I've been busy!  You see, a nanny's job is never done, even when the pups are big (sometimes bigger than me), there's always training to do, and it's my job to make sure the pups are well balanced, well behaved, and most of all, Pretty Curly Tails.

Take, for instance, the Molly Toddles.

They've been a very challenging litter, to say the least.  They seem to think that they are the bee's knees, or something like that.

Once in a while, they just get it in their head that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and to whomever they want... pffffft.


Was it you?  Who's an old lady now???

The kicking back feet won't save you from my Border Collie wrath!

Um, seriously?  There's no peanut butter in my ear

HEY HEY!  You can poke an eye out with that paw

Thanks for the assist, and no I'm not tired, I'm just getting my wind or something

GEEZER!!!  Did you just call me a geezer???


Do you give up?  Do you think I'm still an old geezer???

No?  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get ready for the ruff shake!!!!


Auntie Bet... you're drooling on me

WELL, that'll teach ya!

I'm sorry Auntie Bet, you aren't a geezer

Oh yeah, I still have it!!!

Let me just rest my eyes a bit, I'm fine, no really... it's all good
Later that day I had to save the kennel from a horrible beasty

I SEE  YOU SQUIRREL!!!  Leave the Pretty Curly Tails bowls alone!!!

See... I'm so ferocious, that the squirrel has probably packed its bags and left the country.


Terry and Linda said...

I loved this fun post! Love your dogs...I'm a huge dog fan!


Jack & Moo said...

Atta girl, Bet- keep all the beasties in line!

~Jack & Moo