Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Driving Mr. Lazy

Some of you might remember my blog from July about Mark's Stupid Cat (aka Bait) catching a ride home from the woods on my ATV (TAXI!!!!!!!!) well, it seems that this has become a habit for Bait now.

In fact, he has taken to coming out into the woods while I'm out doing chores and waiting for me to come by on the way home.

That's Bet (who was running home ahead of the ATV) on the left, Bait on the right.
I stop and he beelines for the ATV.

Today he opted to ride on the back rack. He says it makes him feel more like he is being chauffeured. 

"To the house Driver"

"I hope you are not expecting a tip"

"The ride was bumpy, you were rude and unprofessional suggesting I was getting too heavy to be a passenger..."

"...and this thing stinks like a dog peed on the tires"

Have I mentioned my desire for just ONE normal pet????


Karen Czarnecki said...

That was hilarious!!! You and your animals crack me up. Thanks for all the laughs!!

Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

Too funny. No normalcy living with one husky /shepherd rescue and a malamute kinda rescue two Siamese and a tabby cat. Three ting circus is my best description in a 800 sq ft house on five acres. Right now most are in my bed with my hubby. Life is great!

Barbara B. said...

Love it! But I really think you're going to have to stop using "stupid" to describe Bait. :)

Louise said...

Ah, Karen, have you not yet understood that cats and Siberians don't come in "normal?"