Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dear Bait

Dear Bait,

First off, I would like to issue an apology to you for assuming you were to blame in the 'incident' regarding the dead squirrel that was partially consumed in the bathroom last week. In light of your previous track record, it seemed like an reasonable conclusion.

About the time that I leaned over to sweep the dead bird that KD had brought into the house into a dustpan this morning I thought that maybe I should reconsider. As the 'dead' bird came to life and started flying around the house I was certain I should reconsider. As I was chasing KD and the 'I'm not dead yet' bird around the house, it became VERY clear that you had been unfairly convicted.

So I publicly and humbly apologize.

Also, in a VERY related matter, I would like to inform you - and perhaps you can mention to KD and Tic - that from this moment forward the cat door in the back screen door is out of service. All cats must pass through a security check, with the possibility of pat downs and x-rays, before you will be allowed to enter the house.
Any attempts to circumvent this security may result in permanent banishment from the house.

Please feel free to appeal this decision with your beloved Dad when he gets home from work, but I assure you, if he is smart, he will support my decisions.


The Musher 

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mgailt said...

So who WAS the guilty party? KD or Tic? Oh, Karen, you've simply GOT to write a book --- about your "petting zoo", if nothing else!