Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I'm Such a SUCKER!!

For years my friend Lisa has been bragging to me that 'her sport' (herding) has much better weather than 'my sport'.
As I sat in her house hunched over a cup of coffee warming up while my team camped in her yard for a few hours or sat on her couch telling tales of brutal storms and frostbite, seemed I didn't have any grounds to argue.

And this summer, as you might have noticed, I have been given her sport a whirl. The temperatures have been MUCH more civilized, in fact, other then having to ignore my deep dislike of grasshoppers while working in her fields, I haven't been uncomfortable once and certainly not cold.

This week it has been raining pretty much everyday. It's messing with a number of plans I had, but after our very dry and dangerous weather up to this point, I'm working hard on not complaining and getting on with things best I can.
So after my normal morning routine I looked at the various weather sites and decided that there was a few hours 'gap' in the rain, so maybe I could sneak in a training session with Bet. Our place is only 3 miles, as Larry flies, from Lisa's place, so since it wasn't raining here, I chose to believe the websites and weather radar.

Of course, we got to Lisa's and it was POURING rain....

"I don't really think it is raining THAT hard"

"And last I checked you were certainly NOT made of sugar. I doubt you'll melt"


As I stood in a field in the pouring rain, water dripping off the brim of my ball cap, watching a grinning border collie dashing around chasing sheep under my directions, it occurred to me that it wasn't the SPORTS I chose that were the problem, it is ME!!!

Apparently I am a SUCKER!!!!

"Yup, you are!!! Now can you step on it and get us home. My furs are wet and I need to warm up!"

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Barbara Boucher said...

heh heh, heh, SUCKER!!!