Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Exciting Conclusion - Bet

In our last episode, I confirmed that the Musher had been cheating on me.

The clues were all there.

1.) Sneaking out without me
2.) Coming back smelling of another dog
3.) Strange dog furs and drool on her clothes


So I finally confronted her.  I did it very diplomatically.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't so diplomatic.

She confessed!  She totally admitted that she had been cheating on me for quite some time!!!

She admitted that she was sneaking off to Lisa's house to visit with Becca.   I KNOW Becca!  I thought we were friends!!!!

Then she admitted that Becca started a family.

This is Becca. and her new family.

And she admitted that out of the whole pile of puppies, there was one girl.

A fierce little girl that captured her heart...

A little girl who had the baa baa sheepie thing in her bloodlines

A little girl who needed somebodies to teach her to herdy herd the sheepie things, and the Pretty Curly Tails.

And teach her some manners

A little girl that would enjoy FABulous ensembles, and sharing stories on the clouch, and being the 2nd bestest buddy to a certain Roving Border Collie Reporter, Pretty Curly Tails nanny, sheepie herder,

She got me a puppy!

Hello my new bestie friend!
This is Twig, my Coolie bestie friend

I can't wait until she can come home.  I'm sorting through my ensembles to see if I have anything that will fit her.

I am so blessed to have a Musher who listens and loves me. Musher Mark and his amazing buildy skills to tailor things just for me.  So many Pretty Curly Tail friends.  Personal body guards.  Those cats.  Shrimp with pasta.  My clouches.  I'm the luckiest Coolie there ever was.


The Army of Four said...

Oh, Bet! That is so exciting! You'll love having a mini-you. Congratulations!

Janine Farina said...

Bet, I'm so happy for you.

Unknown said...

Oh WOW Bet, you must be SO EXCITED to have your very own mini-me!! Have fun!!

Louise Midkiff said...

You really are a lucky Cooley, Bet. All that, and a friend like Becca who will allow you to take and train her daughter to be your new 2nd best friend. Your Musher and Musher Mark must REALLY love you a lot.

Sue T. said...

This is so exciting!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Awwwwww :-)