Saturday, 15 August 2015

Twig's First Day - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!!

What a beautifulness day it was yesterday because my puppy came home finally!

I'll wait here while everyone does their happy dance, but remember to stretch first.

Anyhoooooo, first things first... had to get her some collar bling and bequeath her my old clouch.

Bling and Clouch
 I think the purple and pink really bring out her furs, but doesn't detract from her beautiful brown eyes.

Of course, she got the lay of the land... er house first.  I introduced her to KD.

Who hates her, but KD hates everyone, and everything... ungrateful beast.

I showed her the box of toys.

She said they don't smell like baa baa sheepy things.  I told her that they smell like Poutines, and Pretty Curly Tails.  She hasn't met the Pretty Curly Tails yet, we're waiting until she gets a bit older.

Then I took her outside for a stroll and to introduce her to my personal body guards.

She was a bit hesitant because of their size, but agreed that they could sufficiently guardy guard her.  The Border Patrol also like her, and agreed to take her on as a client (but I still get top priority).

She wanted to sniff around, and Bear made sure she stayed within the limits of his guardy guardy perimeter.

She did NOT like the large black lump in the road until I explained that it was just Bait. Frankly we think Bait is suicidal, as he's been roaming far from home, and has taken to laying on the road right where the wheels go.

Bait also tried stalking Twig in front of Homeland Security... seriously delusional.

Cats in this picture are of actual size... fat.

She got a bit confused and didn't know which way was home, so I showed her the way.

This way
I explained the ins and outs of kennel life.

The bed is mine, the Musher is mine, the Pretty Curly Tails are mine, the house is mine, I call perpetual shotgun in the truck, the cats are evil.
Um... ok
Then I let her investigate stuffs and things on her own for a while, but kept a close eye on her in case she got into trouble.

Don't eat that, it's cat poop

Don't go that way, bears will eat you

You're sitting on a sticker weed

Don't get dirty, the Musher will bathe you
Since she's a little puppy, she tired out pretty quick, so I had Bear guide her back home gently.

He's fine, he won't squish you
Then she got to play some card game with the Musher and Musher Mark called Cabbage.  I have yet to figure out the game, but involves cards, a wood thing with pegs and doing dishes.

Twig had to do the dishes... hey, the Kennel is tough, but fair, doesn't matter if it was her first day, she has to learn these things.

Then it was time for bed.  Since she is new, and hasn't earned her right in the bedroom, she had to spend her night at the kennel while we slept... well... I slept just fine, the Musher had to spend some quality time with her after Twig's all night serenading.  Who can blame her... new places are sometimes scary, and she was lonely without her littermates.


Ann McDonald said...

Welcome Twig! You're gonna love it like nobody has loved anything before! -Colorado Ann

Leslie Meyers said...

What type of dog is twig????? We just adopted a rescue puppy who's 3 1/2 months old and they look SO alike! We have no idea what mix ours is!

Louise Midkiff said...

Honestly, Bet, kitty cats in the middle of the road are not suicidal. They're just VERY haughty.