Sunday, 13 March 2016

Letter From Twig: Sheepy Camp Week 1 - Bet

Dear Bet!

I'm having a great time here at Sheepy Camp!!!

I'm learning a LOT!!  I can't believe how much fun it is here!

I met a really cool friend, her name is Molly and she's golden!  No, really, she's one of those dogs that goes and gets things, so that's really handy!

We hang out, we do things together, and she's really funny too!

We also got to do some arts and crafts!  I never thought that arts and crafts could be so much fun, but they really are!  We got to do some finger painting and we learned that mud makes our furs really soft and supple!

At night Molly and I talk about all of the fun things that we'll get to do the next day and laugh and laugh at my stupid brother.

My mom is even leaving me alone, but dad is being a bit of a butthead because he wants me to be REALLY serious about my studies and got mad because I didn't get an A in one of the quizzes.  He's soooooooooooo serious and borrrrrring.

Hope everything is going well there and all that junk.  Say hi to everyones and things and junk and all that.




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Pat in MN said...

Better shape up there, Twig. Study for those quizzes. You don't want to flunk out of Sheepy Camp!