Saturday, 19 March 2016

My Sheepy Camp Project -Twig

As you know from my letters, it's been a whirlwind of activity here at sheepy camp. Sheepy stuffs and junk. New friends. Playing in the mud. Staying up late. Crafty things with macaroni and glue.

Curly fur pasta sheepy
But--I just found out about the "project" that is due! WHAAAAAT??? I was supposed to be working on it all week!!!

In a panic, I used my allowed weekly phone call and talked to Bet.  She just laughed at me! "You always wait until the last's your responsibility....blah blah blah..."

I waited while she was being all adult and stuffs. Then she took pity on me and offered a suggestion.

"Just gather a flock of sheep and spell out Happy Birthday with the sheep. That'll impress the other coolies. Your project will save me the trouble of doing the usual birthday bloggity blog for the Cartoonist. Oh, and use cursive for extra points !"

Ummm....I reminded Bet that I'm still a puppy. I've only herded a few sheeps and they went off in all directions. And no one in my generation even knows what cursive is!!!!! Sheesh!

Bet hung up with a big sigh of "Kids today......"

So in desperation I went to the arts and crafts shed and came up with this.

Ha Ha. BAAth Day--I crack myself up!

It's the best I could do on a leftover paper plate from our cookout. Yes, I KNOW the sheeps are not pointing in the same direction. It was not easy getting them into the sink to pose!!  (I hope I don't flunk Sheepy Stuffs 101.)

Yeah, so obviously we REALLY need The Cartoonist to help us with art and jokes and junk for the bloggity blog.

Everybodies, please wish The Cartoonist a Happy Happy Birthday so she'll feel all special and warm and fuzzy and stuffs.

When I get home, I'm going to bake her this delicious cake.

Yum! Cauliflower!


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Sally said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the Cartoonist!!