Thursday, 19 June 2008

...and the Thunder Rolled.

I can't believe that a month ago I was whining for rain. I don't think it has stopped raining since I wrote that entry!

Day before yesterday Mark had run into Athabasca to pick up a 1/2 load of dog food (50 bags). I had some running around to do in town too (just for the record 'town' - as in "going to town" is Athabasca, 'city' is 'Edmonton'). We both got home in time for a late lunch and then a glance out the kitchen window sent us scrambling to get out and start unloading dog food bags.
As I stood on the flatdeck of the old truck - which is back in action again - the sky kept getting darker and darker, lightening flashed over the garage roof and thunder shook the ground. I wasn't sure whether to feel powerful or foolish for being up there! Thankfully, Cricket barked feriously at the claps of thunder making sure none of them came into the yard (Fly was shaking and drooling in the garage).
As the last 40 lb bag was tossed into the garage, the clouds opened and rain began to fall. Moments after we scurried back into the house the skies really opened up and hail began pelting the yard.
I looked out into the kennel to make sure all the dogs had gotten into their houses and just about broke a rib laughing at X. He was standing next to his dog house, not tangled or anything, just standing there not wanting to go in his house. As hail struck him, he would spin around to try and catch a glimpse of where the 'blows' where coming from. After about 3 or 4 spins, he wisely gave up and headed for safety.
No one else stirred from their houses until the hail and thunder had moved on.
I hear St. Albert experienced alot of flooding from that storm. We must have just caught the edge of it, as the news that night showed cars in the city up to their hoods in water. Thankfully, nothing like that here!

Today we once again woke up to rain. Mushrooms are beginning to grow in the yard. I think Cricket is beginning to grow flippers. However, I'm scared to ask for it to stop, as I fear, after how sucessful I was pleading for rain last time, a month from now we might be back in a drought situation! So, I'll just continue to do chores between cloud bursts with a smile on my face!!

I can't write a Blog entry today without a update on Kara. Today is her first due date. She is showing no signs of being in a hurry to have her puppies. She is currently snoozing on one of the dog beds after just having tore through her morning Denta Bone. She's been doing a bit of nesting, but nothing serious yet. She is quite delighted in the fact that rather then heading to the city with Mark for a day of running around, I have choosen to spend the day hanging out with her. If it weren't for the kicking puppies that can easily be seen moving around inside her now, I'd be suspisious that she was just faking this for all the attention it is getting her. She is in her glory.

Anyway, those are the stories for today. Hopefully the next post will be announcing some new little arrivals to the family!


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