Sunday, 22 June 2008

There is setting the bar...and then there is setting the bar!

Those of you on our NorthWapitiNews yahoo list ( have seen some good natured ribbing and challenging between my friend Jackie Wepruk and myself regarding performance in the obedience ring since the post I wrote about Utin and I starting to do some obedience training. I was full of a lot of (good natured) bluff and bluster!
Well, it seems that the next thing I need to teach Utin is to roll over and play dead!
See Jackie and her latest in a string of amazingly obedient Siberians entered the show ring again this weekend.
Despite blistering heat, Triton and Jackie got a High in Trial with a score of 194 on Saturday. After getting 2 qualifying scores a few weeks ago at the Northern Alberta Canine Association Trials (with one 'High in Class score' and one 'reserve High in Trial' score) that officially got Triton his CD (Companion Dog) title.
So, because Jackie is a patient and dedicated trainer, Triton was actually trained up to the Open level before he made his debut in the Novice ring (most people train for Novice, complete the title, then begin training for the next level - not Jackie though)so today she 'moved him up' and competed in the Open level. Reports are it was raining pretty good today and many dogs weren't keen on working in the inclement weather - not Triton. His first attempt at the Open classes got him a score of 192 and a second High in Trial.
You have to understand, these accomplishments are amazing for ANY breed of dog - most people would say they were simply impossible with a Siberian Husky. Most people don't know Jackie Wepruk. They should.
This is the third obedience Siberian Jackie has taken into competition. Both her two previous dogs were High in Trial winners and each spent several years as the Top Obedience Siberian in Canada. I'm sure Triton is well on his way to the same.
Jackie is simply one of the best Siberian Husky trainers on the planet - plain and simple.
Mark and I are honored that Jackie and her husband Rick Austin have based their breeding program at TuColdturain Siberians ( on our lines. It is a great compliment.
For the record Triton is formerly known as Tucoldturain's Triton CD. He is out of NorthWapiti's Super Grover and NorthWapiti's Skadi.

Congratulations again Jackie and Triton!

I think I'm heading out in the rain to practice some heeling with Utin! :)

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