Friday, 13 June 2008

Happy Birthday .... to me!

Thanks to all for the Birthday wishes and greetings on Wednesday. Yup, for all of you that didn't know Wednesday was my 44th birthday.
Things didn't go quite liked planned - but really, when do they go as planned around here??

Mark came home from work on Monday morning complaining of hurting a muscle in his chest while yarding on a wrench. By Tuesday afternoon he was in the doc's office and is now planted on the couch popping Tylenol 3s every 4 hours. Seems he has torn his pectoral muscle.
So, my special treat for my birthday was scurrying around getting chores done on my own and making sure hubby had everything he needed.
Kara thinks it is great, as it seems he can still give her scratches and now that he doesnt' move off the couch he is around to deliver them all the time. I'm glad she is happy.

Actually, the birthday gift that brought the biggest smile to my face this year was from Kara. Colleen sent a birthday box to me and in it (amoung other lovely gifts) was a nicely wrapped gift from Kara. On the card it spoke of how much Kara loved me and how she had thought long and hard and given me a gift straight from her heart - it was a package of Denta-stiks. Definately a gift from Kara's heart!!
Actually, they are handy to have around, as Kara demands a Denta Stik everytime I bring Utin in the house. It's some kind of 'fee' for allowing the boy into "HER' house. She takes one look at him and runs for the kitchen to stand in front of the fridge, staring up at the Denta Stik package. I'm not sure what would happen if we were out of them. Don't think I want to find out!

Utin's house visits are going to have to come to an end soon though, as Kara is due to have puppies next week. She is the size of a small hippo!!! She is also even more demanding and fussy then usual right now. I caught her outside digging a den under our deck the other day, but I'm pretty sure she has no real intention of having her babies outside. I'm betting money that 'the cloud' will be her place of choice. As is usual with Kara, I'll probably let her have her first one there and then move her to a whelping pool once she and the baby settle down. With Dasher and Dancer's litter she had the first one in a chair in the back room and on one of her other litters she had the first one in our bedroom. All the rest of our Moms are happy to use the whelping pool in the back room, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Kara demands special treatment.

Well, I need to get on with my day. I'll be hustling around pretty good for the next 4 or 5 days, but then will be mostly at home on 'puppy watch', so should be able to get some more posting and catching up on emails done during that time!

An older - but really no wiser,

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Happy Birthday !
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