Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Crisis of Epidemic Proportions

I'm beginning to see that a crisis of epidemic proportion is happening in North America.
I was first made aware of this issue last fall when we convinced Kathryn to join us at our local campground when we where giving the dogs a break on a training run.

Mark got the fire blazing and we pulled out the wienies. "Hmmmm, I've never had a wiener done over a campfire" Kathryn mused. WHAT?!?!?!? Never had a wiener cooked over a campfire??? How is that possible? I decided that I had probably just run against the one person in Canada or the US that had never had that experience and moved on.
Imagine my surprise this evening when Mark got our fire pit roaring, we pulled out the wienie sticks and our niece, Corrine stated the same. WHAT?!?!?!?!

A crisis of epidemic proportions, I say!!!!

It's summer folks, unless you live in one of those areas so stricken by fires of late - for goodness sake - get out there and roast a wienie!!!

(For the record, Corrine is a vegetarian - so her wienie was a veggie wienie, but a wienie none the less. Served on a bun with a variety of drippy toppings!)

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Katerina said...

we also found out some people never grilled a sausage on open fire! That´s why they come over here and pay us for the experience, through one of our adventure programs :)

Guess what is normal for us "bush people" like you or us, is exotic for many others :)