Thursday, 24 July 2008

Dogs doing their 'thing'.

Last week my niece, Corrine and I went over to watch my friend, Lisa and her border collies herding sheep.
I just adore watching dogs doing what they were bred to do. Whether it be border collies herding sheep, greyhounds running,or labs retrieving, instinct is a fascinating thing. And the sheer joy on the faces of dogs following those instincts is addicting to observe - at least for me.

Lisa and Hope


Sheepdog - aka Hope

Hope moving the sheep

More sheep

Corrine said this was her favorite sheep. No clue how she could tell them apart - they all looked the same to me!!!

Lisa's other border collie - Tell

Lisa and Corrine watching the sheep go by.

Tell working the sheep

The morning was great fun. You can see many more pictures of Lisa, her dogs and her sheep at -

But the next morning we had the opportunity to do my 'hands down' favorite thing with dogs - RUN THEM!!

Yup, the weather was cool enough that we were able to have our first hook up of the 2008/2009 season.
We were all very excited to be back working after about 6 weeks off. Watt was absolutely unable to control himself when Corrine was harnessing him.

Corrine wrestling Watt into his harness.

Crunchie, of course, remained cool and composed.

And in no time at all, the season began!!!

It was a great run. The weather was lovely, the dogs worked great, the company (Corrine) was excellent - perfect except for one thing -

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate beavers???

Thankfully, the dogs were happy to work through the situation with us. It is a very narrow trail with a very steep drop off on the left - not the spot to have argument with a dog team. After a brief time out we were again underway.

A good start to the season!!

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