Friday, 4 July 2008


Since I announced that we were looking for names for Kara's two little girls, we have literally been inundated with suggestions. A few folks, like my sis in law - aka Mrs. Geek - refused to even suggest names because they claim I always pick names outside of the suggestions anyway!! Actually, we do read and consider every ones suggestions and I believe over the years have utilized a few, but in reality, the names really need to jump out at us before we 'christen' a pup with them. Not only do they need to match the pup, they need to be names I like, that roll off my tongue easily, don't remind me of a person or experience that I do not remember fondly, and that don't conflict with any commands the dog might get taught down the road. Mark had actually suggested 'Shock' and 'Awe' as names for these girls - and I thought that was pretty cute until I realized I could be traveling through the woods calling out 'Awe Haw'. Not going to happen.
So I was just sitting back waiting for 'right' names to present themselves, when Mark joking referred to the girls by a set of names one morning and I said "That's it!! That's what I want to call them".
So....drum roll please....I want to introduce you all to...


YES, we did indeed name them after our friends, twin sisters Kim and Kelly Berg. And YES, I did ask permission first! In fact, one of the pups is quite a bit louder and more outspoken then the other, so I made the girls decide which one was going to be which. Out of respect for human Kim and Kelly, I won't tell which one is the noisier one. :)
Now, this does not mean that I'm going to start a theme of naming dogs after friends - so don't start emailing your resumes! Honestly, I'm not really keen on 'human names' for dogs but in this case it just seems to be a really good fit.

Unlike the other Kim and Kelly, canine Kim and Kelly are turning into real 'chunky monkeys'. I know some would say they are taking after Kara, but the truth of the matter is that their chubbiness far exceeds Kara's. Their little eyes opened overnight, so maybe they will start moving around more soon and Kara can start them on an exercise program before things get downright embarrassing!

Kara is still quite fond of them, but I think they are beginning to get on her nerves a bit. Yesterday when she was begging for Denta Stix they began screaming and howling in the back room (nothing was wrong, they just are rather demanding - probably how they got so fat). Kara looked at the door to the backroom (where the puppies are),up at the Denta Stix on top of the fridge, sighed and headed back to look after her kids. What a sacrifice, what a Mom! I wouldn't have bet money on how that was going to play out! :)

Opps, I hear screaming from the back room. I know nothing is wrong, but I better go check anyway!!!

I posted some more pictures of Kara, Kelly and Kim at
and a few of Sprite and her litter at


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