Thursday, 3 July 2008

Happy Canada Day

Yes, I'm alittle late on my Canada Day wishes. The actual holiday is July 1st, but I have a good excuse - I was busy welcoming 5 new little Canucks into the world! Yup, Sprite had her babies on Tuesday. I know a Canadian theme would be the natural for this litter, but in fact we have had a theme for this little ones since the time they were concieved. See Mom, Sprite, is out of the 'soda pop' litter and Dad, Watt - or more formally MegaWatt - out of our 'electric' litter, so what could be more approprite then an 'Energy Drink' litter??
Jolt, Monster, Rockstar, Wired, GoFast, Volt and more are are up for consideration. Do you have a favorite Energy drink??
I should also mention that there were 1 boy and 4 girls in the litter. The male is grey and white with a flashy white shawl, jsut like his Uncle Charge. There is one grey and white female, 2 black and white girls marked like their Dad and one black and white girl with a flashy shawl. All very cute!!

Pictures soon!!


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