Friday, 16 January 2009

The Cat is out of the Bag!

Seems my head is alittle foggy from banging it against the wall for the last 48 hours, so when Helen emailed me her post for the Jacket Fundraiser to approve, I didn't even catch the slip up. But she tells me many of you did and have emailed her.

Yes, I had been planning on running alittle contest for folks to figure out which dogs made the trip to Alaska with us this winter - but the names of those 24 dogs all appeared in Helen's Jacket Fundraising Blog (which BTW we REALLY appreciate Helen doing for us!!!).

So, I guess with no adieu left - the 'main string' this year is: Crunchie, Jinx, Sprite, Rocket, Spider, Bingo, Tess, Isis, Wonder, Dasher, Jr, X, Charge, Boom, Q, Flash, Wifi, Barq, Herman, Hector, Watt, Wolvie, Togo and Runner.

That breaks down to 18 veterans (11 of those being Iditarod finishers) and 6 rookies (Wifi, Rocket, Wolvie, Flash, Isis and Wonder).

Of the 24; 9 are girls and 15 are males. There are quite a mixed bag of personalities in this group - from the crazy (Wifi) to the super vocal (Flash) to the strong, silent type (Boom) to the bubbly (Dasher) to the dancing (Rocket) to the snuggly (Wonder) to the focused (Crunchie)... what they all have in common is strength, endurance and drive. I'm am so looking forward to further molding this assortment of quirky personalities into one strong, focused dog team.

If the weather would just cooperate - this is where the real fun begins!!


PS. I'm still experiencing problems sending email from up here, so sorry if I'm not replying to folks private emails. I'm working on it.

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husky mom said...

That is an impressive list of talented dogs! Go, team(s)!