Thursday, 15 January 2009

Jacket Fundraiser

As Karen was just about to leave for Canada we were having a quick chat on the phone when she informed me that she needed new jackets, for the dogs that were racing, and what about helping out with a jacket fund raiser. Now we all know it has been a tough winter for Karen and the dogs and new jackets might just be the ticket to helping them all feel better about the weather!

So here's what we thought would be fun!

We are asking you to buy a new jacket for the team. Now this will not be just any jacket but an insulated fleece and nylon jacket that will keep all of the dogs toasty warm. Also we will embroider on each jacket "I'm warm thanks to ........." and include your name or whatever name you would like.

These jackets will be used over and over for years to come so this is really an investment in the team and for the many races in the future. They will be differentiated by size only and the dogs will all share the jackets too!

Each jacket is $30 which includes the embroidering and of course shipping to Alaska!

We need to get the jackets ordered quickly and all the information for the embroidery so I would ask you to act quickly and order a jacket now. The Quest 300 begins on February 14 and we need time to get the jackets made and embroidered, oh and then shipped to Karen in Alaska!

I will be handing all the payments and will be using my paypal account, so if you go to, click on the send money tab, next put in my email address and then put in the amount of $30 US (of course if you want to buy more than one jacket just do the math!!). In the next page where there is the comments page please put in the name you want to have embroidered on the jacket. If you would like to send a check for a jacket please mail it to Helen Thorgalsen, 143 S Gunflint Lake, Grand Marais, MN 55604 but please be sure to email me as well so I know the check is coming and have all the information.

Lets get all the jackets ordered by January 26 so there is plenty of time for embroidering them and shipping them to Alaska!

Karen, Mark and Crunchie, X, Jr, Boom, Q, Togo, Herman, Wifi, Hector, Tess, Wolvie, Charge, Flash, Watt, Runner, Barq, Sprite, Wonder, Bingo, Rocket, Spider, Isis, Dasher and Jinx thank you!

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