Saturday, 3 January 2009


That is it. I am entirely sick of the lies and broken promises. Every week changes are promised and every week it's the same garbage over and over. I'm done. The trust is gone. There is no rebuilding it. I just have to move forward. I am through with weather forecasters.

For the past about month we have been in the middle of a nasty deep freeze. I don't ever remember it being so cold for so long. Our nighttime lows are consistantly in the -30's, with many mornings, like this morning below -40. It has only been the odd day in the past 3 weeks to a month where daytime highs here in the valley have cracked -25.
Really good stuff for breaking the cycle of West Nile virus, Pine Beetles and the likes, not bad stuff for people who work in offices and only have to travel from their car to warm buildings, but really sucky for those of us that work outside for hour upon hour. Really sucky.
Every day I've been checking the weather forecast and I swear it has said the same thing for the last month - cold for the next two days and then warming to above normal temperatures, but the warming never comes - never. It's always 2 days away from happening.

I'm sick of these empty promises. I'm done believing. I'm done checking forecasts. I'm so sick of it all!!!!!




Anonymous said...
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Shmoo said...

Keep an eye out for a guy named Neal Estano. He use to do the local weather around here, but apparently moved on. He couldn't predict rain even if he was standing out in it.

Husky Howllow said...

Since they went to "computer models" instead of having real weather forcasters checking charts, holding their fingers to the wind and actually looking outside forecasts have been for the birds ..mostly ..except the COLD part. It's been a bit warmer here in Manitoba but not by much. A "warm" day is when its in the minus teens. Daily "highs" on average are colder than normal lows.
After a bit it does tend to get you down but at least the sun is pretty on the white snow when it shines.

Only 5 more months of long red woolies.

Diggy said...

Down in Lethbridge it is not so bad. We've gotten a few breaks, however they are accompanied by some pretty wicked wind, which blows the snow all over which is a total pain in the butt! We've still got more snow than usual which the city doesn't seem to want to plow, guess they're hoping it will melt like usual. I'm not complaining I am enjoying the snow, not the -40 so much, but the snow is nice. We've been snowshoeing and skijorring!

Same thing here though they have no idea what the weather will do but that is normal. ;) Two days ago it was supposed to be above zero today, yesterday it was going to rain, and today it is a winter storm warning.

Diggy said...
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