Friday, 6 February 2009

Dear Bait and Tic

Dear Bait and Tic,

While we were driving up north the 'check air filter' light kept coming on on the dog truck. Things finally settled down enough that Mark was able to get the truck in for an oil change yesterday. Imagine our SHOCK when the mechanics found a MOUSE NEST in the filter. I mean we employ to kick ass cats that are supposed to take care of such problems - don't we?? And it is not like you can claim that the truck is parked too far away, I see the two of you up there all the time playing on the fence and around the truck.

So, consider this your notice - get your acts in gear or you will be fired - or at least suffer a serious cut in pay.

Your Boss (not the one that fawns all over you - the one that just barely tolerates your presence)


lagniappekennel said...

Hahaha Karen you're not the only one with mice in your car. When I had my oil changed last time, they told me that a mouse ran out from under my hood! Hope your cats get the message and start doing a better job for you ;)

BADASmusher said...

We had a gray ground squirrel under our hood a couple of months ago.

The Thundering Herd said...

I have pulled more mice nests out of my car engines - and they love the air filter. Drives me batty.

Karen Ramstead said...

Mark thinks this was probably a squirrel nest, as we have had issue with them in the past - but either way, it was the cat's job to keep the vehicles free of such things!!