Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Things That Make Me Go "Eeek" - and a Junior Update

So before I give you all a Junior update, I thought I'd share a quick tale from the Don Bowers Race.

It was about 4am when we reached the ramp off the Big Su and onto the Corral Hill Trail, which is about 8 or 9 miles Willow Lake. Just as we were about to turn up the ramp, the dogs all kicked it into high gear. At first I thought they recognized the ramp, which they have traveled alot and realized how close to the truck we were, but then I noticed a number of them leaning and looking to the left.
I don't really know what I expected to see, maybe a moose off in the trees or a fox or .... but what I did see certainly woke me up because running parallel to me about 6 feet from my head, was a moose. I could have reached out and slapped her, but what I did instead was what any self respecting, rough, tough musher would do - I literally yelled "Eeek". She tossed her head in the air and thundered off into the woods, the dogs and I roared off to the right and up the ramp.

Staying awake for the final hour of the race was NOT a problem.

Anyway, I picked Junior up from the vet yesterday. He was THRILLED to see me and is doing just great. Andrea said to give him time off until the stitches are out, but we will be able to run him a few times before Quest and if he is comfortable, he will be good to race! Excellent news!

Everyone else napped away most of yesterday, but Junior was at the end of his chain stomping around and trying to get any one's attention. He just didn't get why all anyone wanted to do was relax!! After all, he only ran 50 miles!

Silly boy!

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husky mom said...

That's great news about Junior's injuries. We'll look for him in the Q300!