Saturday, 9 May 2009

12 Hours and Counting....

Just 12 hours till I pick Helen up at the airport!!! Yup, THAT Helen!! She is flying out with NorthWapiti's HillBilly who is coming home from New Hampshire, visiting for 4 or so days then flying back east with Comet, who is going to a new home in Vermont and Odie, who is going for a 'summer holiday' in New Hampshire with Kim and Kelly Berg.
It's terrific that Helen is able to help out this way, but even better is that she is coming to visit! I can't wait.

Actually there is all sorts of things going on around here right now!

Toni is leaving to go home and 'dog sit' for her Mom for a week. Mark is busy working 'shut down' at the Mill. I'm busy working on a few presentations that I have in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Mussfreebro, Tennessee later in the month.

My Mom and our mutual friend Marlene Daniels were up for a 2 day visit earlier in the week too! I hadn't seen my Mom in a LONG time (almost 2 years, I believe), so it was GREAT to see her!

Bet is continuing to settle in well. She and Kara are flaked out side by side on the floor right now catching a nap. Kara would never say it out loud, but I know she likes her new house mate!

Sprite's puppies are growing like weeds. They are a noisy and demanding threesome, but Sprite still seems to be enjoying them.
Seeing that their Mom is a 'Soda Pup' and their Dad a 'Chocolate Bar', I had been leaning towards 'junk food' for a theme for this litter. Things like Pretzel, Cheesie, Dorito, Nacho, etc, etc - however the other day when the valley was filling up with smoke I was thinking of Ash, Smoke and Blaze. And my most recent idea is Earth, Wind and Fire!
Still lots of time to mull it over!

Well, I need to get a bit of housecleaning done and a few loads of laundry through the wash before Toni and I head for the city, so time to polish off the last of the coffee and get on with the day!!

Hope you all have a great day!


Kaos Siberians said...

Too bad Mary already used Chaos and could have Chaos, Mayhem and Havoc!

manymuddypaws said...

i've always loved the name Nacho! I named a rescue dog that once- very cool dog, with a very cool name!

Taco is a good name too...