Monday, 18 May 2009

A Knead for Bread

A million moons ago, shortly after Mark and I got married, Mark's Aunt Joanne taught me how to bake bread. I really enjoyed it and for a brief while all the bread in our house was homemade. However busy lives soon pushed that onto the backburner.

When they first came out, I bought a bread machine - but honestly, I never found tossing ingredients into the machine and closing the lid to really be rewarding - and the bread never really tasted that good. I'm not even sure where the machine is anymore.

For the last few months I kept telling myself I should make time to make some bread, but know how these things go. This morning, despite the chilly weather I wasn't up to running dogs (still very run down from that nasty cold) - so I decided I needed to knead.

I forgot just how rewarding pounding and kneading bread is.
And, of course, the smell of baking bread filling the house was divine.

Before Utin, Bet, Toni, Corky and I headed over to Lisa's (private obedience lesson for Utin and I; Toni and Corky played on the agility equipment; and Bet got to hang out with other flop earred dogs) I tossed a stew in the slow cooker, so dinner tonight was thick slices of homemade bread dipped in stew.
Can it get much better??



The Thundering Herd said...

You sure had my mouth watering at the thought of home made bread and stew.

BADASmusher said...

I LOVE homemade bread. Used to make it with my mom when I was little. I agree. Bread machine are the same thing... I even have bread pans.... Now I am wanting some...! LOL

husky mom said...

"Could it get much better?" How about baking a pie with those apples lurking in the bread photo? Stew, fresh bread, warm apple pie, vanilla ice cream, cup of coffee....yum.

Anonymous said...
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