Friday, 22 May 2009

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming....

With the recent miserable weather and my cold, about the most exciting thing around here was watching Bet and Kara's 'passive aggressive' battle over the Cloud.

I'm really not sure how this is going to end up playing out, but my money is on Kara winning!

However exciting that is, yesterday morning we got back to real world

- running dogs!

Since our lives had been lacking excitement, we decided to up the anti and harness break young Astro!
Here he is hanging out with TopDog and Hector on the 'ready chain'

That's him three dogs up on the left!! Looks like a pro already - doesn't he?

There were a couple more 'firsts' on this run too!

NorthWapiti's Hillbilly - aka 'Billie' who just arrived back at the kennel from New Hampshire took her first run with us.

"Smile for the camera Billie!!!"

And NorthWapiti's Bango - aka 'Bang' ran lead for the first time for me.
All three had a great run! After 2 miles we swung back into the yard to drop of Astro (don't want to get those pups in over their heads) before heading out for another 3 miles.

Stopping for a water break!

Happy, tired Huskies!


husky mom said...

The Cloud is big enough for both dogs! Maybe they'll decide to share. But taking "shifts" seems to be working OK too.

Lauri said...

First time through, I totally read that Bet was running with the team. As for the bed, I'm sure the Princess will explain the situation to the interloper in no time.