Friday, 29 May 2009

Thank Goodness I Wasn't 'Outted'

I’m jetting my way to Tennessee today to do a presentation for the Siberian Assist Rescue Group. As a wonderful treat, my friends Barbara and Jerry Lake, who donated my tickets to the Rescue Group, booked me to fly FIRST CLASS on the three hour leg from Salt Lake City to Atlanta. What a treat!!! Pillows, blankies, huge comfy seats, warm facecloths, a free meal (with REAL turkey in the sandwich – not processed turkey roll), wonderful service….this is traveling in style!!!!

I hope all the fancy people around me don’t figure out I’m a fraud!!! I brushed most of the dog hair off my clothes and I’m being careful about showing my hands, as the dirt embedded in my fingernails is bound to give me away!!

The water drops on my laptop screen probably don’t help either – they were splashed there when Bet shook after her bath the other day – but maybe folks with think it was spray from using my computer on my yacht (yeah, I can’t even spell yacht without spellchecker!!)


I’m sure it would all get old for me fast, but today I’m enjoying living outside my means!!!






Karen L and Mark Ramstead

NorthWapiti Kennels

Iditarod Finishing and Best in Show winning Siberians

"Pretty Sled Dogs"



BADASmusher said...

And to think I felt out of place when I flew economy from San Fran to Alanta and then on up to Manchester, NH..... But that was my first long distance flight and only my second flight ever.... LOL! FIRST CLASS sounds pretty cool.....ENJOY IT!

Nannette Morgan said...

Very nice! It sounds like Princess Kara has rubbed off on YOU, Karen!

Enjoy your presentation weekend.