Thursday, 14 May 2009

One Cool Raven!

If I haven't made it clear before, let it be said now - I love ravens. I think they are just the coolest birds and I have had many interesting and memorable encounters with them over the years.

My friend, Kelley Griffin, who shared one of my coolest raven encounters with me forwarded me this very neat video.

Hope you enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Our daughter, Rebecca, currently lives in Fairbanks. One day she was walking down the street and heard a dog barking in a car. Being the caring person she is, she headed to the car to check on the dog. NO dog. ??? She looked around and no dog anywhere. Confused she continued her walk. The dog barked again. This time, she caught the raven sitting on a wire above the car making the sound of a dog inside a car. Interested, she crossed the street and just watched for a while. Every time a pedestrian would walk by, the raven would bark and the walker would go to the car to check on the dog. Raven musta been thinking 'stupid people'.

Thanks for the link.