Tuesday, 19 January 2010

About the video....(by Richard)

The stage at NorthWapiti Films.

I would just like to say thank you so much for all of your comments.

I originally filmed and sent it to Karen as a bit of fun and reminder of home
for her. Didn't realise I was going to become an International film maker !!

I can't take all the credit though. Obviously a wonderful bunch of stars
in front of me makes it so much easier. I just go out and film it, then
come home, hand it over to Kara who for the price of a couple of Dentastix
sits down at the computer and creates what you have all been enjoying.
If anyone wants to see anymore please let her know and she'll direct me as
to what she wants you all to see.

If anyone's interested in the details, it's filmed using a mini bullet camera fitted
to the driver's bow on the sled. (usually fixed to my helmet when skiing or
mountain biking), hence I can still hang on tight! I've also got a GPS data tracker and can tell you at that point we were travelling between 20-24 mph.

So for all those that think Karen's distance dogs aren't that fast - Wrong. They
can turn their little paws to anything they want. Sprint racing - no problem.
The many wonderful photographs Karen takes of her teams don't do them the
justice they deserve when you see them in action.

Glad you enjoyed.

Bye for now.

All at NorthWapiti Film Productions.


Kelim Siberians said...

Love the videos Richard! Did you get my email?

Chris said...

Hi Richard,
Sorry i could nbot get to see the video for some reason.
But 100% agree that the NW pretty sled dogs can get up and go when they want.
I took a couple of video's while on runs as well while i was there.

Would have loved to of seen your run, maybe next time .
Cheers Chris

husky mom said...

Can we assume Kara's personal assistant aka Bet fetched her beverage?