Thursday, 7 January 2010

X Update

We are spinning off in about 20 different directions this morning, but I wanted to take a moment to fill blog readers in on what is happening with X.
After much discussion and thought we decided to fly X back to Canada for treatment.

Iditarod Trail vet and our friend, Dr. Veronica Devall will be overseeing his treatment at the Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Clinic. My Mom, brother Jim and sister in law, Melissa will be caring for X before and after his surgery. Richard will be picking him up later this month and returning him to NorthWapiti for the rest of his recovery.

X left at 7am this morning. It was hard putting him on the plane, but it was also a weight off of my shoulder to know that he is going into wonderful caring hands. I am confident that we are giving him the best chance possible for a full recovery.

There was a rather amusing moment in a very hectic day yesterday when I was filling out all of the 'pre flight' paperwork (which here must be done the day prior to travel). I filled out 'Pet's call name' and the woman looked at me with a sad look on her face and said "He doesn't have a name?". Seems she had mistaken my 'X' for a 'not applicable' comment!! "No, no" I said, "X is his name!!".

Anyway, think good thoughts for my boy. I know he will be on my mind throughout the weekend, especially when we cross 'Excelsior Creek', which he is named after, on Copper Basin trail!



Leaps and Bounds Kennel said...

Safe travels X and Get Better Soon so you can run the Iditarod next year =)

Chris said...

travel safe X, always sending you good thoughts .

And good luck to Karen & Mark for the up and coming Copper Basin race.

Cheers Chris

husky mom said...

Too funny about the "X" -- maybe he should "spell out" his name as "Ex" on forms to avoid confusion. Heal fast, X.

Edana Kennels said...

Get well soon X. The clinic is a state of the art facility. I have had a tour and you should be at ease with his treatment there. I would trust them with my babies.

Beth G said...

Best of luck in the Copper Basin Karen and Mark, and to X in his surgery and rehab.