Friday, 15 January 2010

Cabin Fever????

"Cabin Fever -
Remedies, cures and healing techniques

From time to time, we all occasionally experience some form of Cabin Fever. What do you do to combat this horrific, degenerative mood erasing dilemma?

Sometimes a cure for cabin fever will require more than just an environment re-location- you may have to prescribe yourself to some good ole fashion out-of-doors activity.
Don't let cabin fever get you down"

So, what do you all think?? Has Richard just come up with a good way to avoid Cabin Fever? Or is he already lost to the illness??


Edana Kennels said...

I don't know who looks more impressed in the second picture!! LOL

granimar said...

Oh Richard, what a great chuckle those photos are. Have to admit thoughCricket does not look too impressed with the harness and giving Bet a ride.
Cabin Fever, it's here in Montana, would love to have a Cricket to pull me around, but with my knees if I got down in the sled I couldn't get up!!
Very innovative Richard

Jenny Glen said...

Aww, I didn't know I was giving you a new sled dog when I sent you Bet!

husky mom said...

I think Kara put Richard up to these shenanigans!

Deb Rawaillot said...

Too bad there wasn't someone there to get pictures of Richard putting that harness on Cricket. I'm sure that would have been priceless!!

Helen Thorgalsen said...

So funny! It looks like Richard is the smart one in getting the house hoodlums to do his work!!

Nannette Morgan said...

Will we now also have a Princess Bet? Did she actually sit still for a bit of a ride or was this a "still" portrait? As I mentioned on FaceBook, you might come home to a kennel full of "Sled Pyrs"!

Thx for the upbeat post!

Anonymous said...

These two photo's are priceless. I can just imagine what must have been going on in their heads. I wonder if the other dogs were impressed :>)
Mary in Oregon

Tammy said...

Cricket looks totally disgusted in that second picture...and Bet certainly looks like she's been taking sled dog lessons. Great pictures!

Husky Howlow said...

Anyone get the feeling that Cricket feels abused? Perhaps she can be persuaded that sled pulling is building up muscle for critter chasing? At any rate I'm sure she had some very unprintable things to say about this drastic change of events. From Planter Potato to Sled Dog.

We have a friend here who has in the past run in the 4 dog purebred classes with a team of two Sammy's in lead and two Pyrs running in wheels. A rather spectacular sight to see these huge dogs galumphing along the trail having a real hoot.

Husky Howllow
Dugald, Mb, Canada

JHen said...

Gteat pictures!

Muzzys Place said...

This is great.. and I believe that Richard has the disease now... and we all know, there is no cure! So, he can come here and handle for us next season to experience Alaska, too! haha! (seriously).

Anonymous said...

Give up now, all hope is lost. I have done some crazy things when trying to beat cabin fever but this is priceless. These are the funniest photo's I have seen in ages!