Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thanks Jenny!!!

I just got back from a 'ridiculous AM' run to the Fairbanks airport with Mark and Jenny.
I going to miss Mark a whole lot and will definitely be counting the days till he is back. Well, right after a few nights sleep without listening to his snoring I'll start counting down (and I know he will love having a bed to himself tonight without his wife next to him trying to cough up a lung every 5 minutes!)

We had a really nice run yesterday with Mark showing me the trails he has been scouting out while I've been taking some down time.

Just 3 weeks until he comes back!!!! (Okay, maybe I am counting down already!)

But the point of my blog today is to give huge thanks to our niece Jenny!!! I must say that both Mark and I were rather surprised when Jenny expressed interest in going to Alaska with us this year. Even though Jenny lives only 6 miles from us we really have not spent any significant time with her since she was young enough to require babysitting. Maybe that had something to do with the time we nearly got her drowned at the West Edmonton Mall wave pool, even though she insists she doesn't remember the incident!!!
Anyway, not only has Jenny been a great help, it has been wonderful getting to know her better. She is really a delightful, self confident young lady with a charming sense of humor, a strong sense of values and self worth. She was great with the dogs, a careful driver with the truck, quick to help around the house, and never once complained about anything! Basically the perfect handler!!

So, from all the dogs, Mark and myself - THANKS JENNY!!!! Any time you want to tag along with us again, just let us know - you are always welcome!!!

Jenny and her goofy Uncle Mark


Tammy said...

What beautiful pictures...dogs and scenery. Thanks for sharing and so glad you got to spend time with Jenny.

JHen said...

Great pictures!!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

again, awesome photos of the dogs and scenery. You are living the life!

The Thundering Herd said...

What stunning pictures. We love them!

And what a nice nod to Jenny.