Sunday, 17 January 2010

Thanks for the Company!

Mark and I were off doing our 'own thing' today with our respective dog teams. He was going longer with a bit bigger team and I was going short with a team that had a few of the dogs with minor injuries and a couple leaders I wanted to put a bit of extra work into.
We (being my team and I) were not alone on our run though. Very shortly after leaving the yard this guy joined us...

For about 15 miles he traveled along with the team.

When I stopped to let the dogs roll around in the snow, he flew a bit ahead and landed on the trail to wait for us.

Sometimes he was above us, sometimes behind, sometimes ahead...

...but always around.

See him up on the left next to the really tall tree??? He never let us out of his sight.

About 4 miles from home, we came to an intersection and turned left to head back home. He 'cawed' at us a few times and then headed right. Maybe he was off to check on Mark.

I love ravens so much!!!!


darby said...

Aliy Zirkle has a video from this year of a raven following her just like the one you describe. I wonder if its the same one! Too funny.

Mancelona Woodswoman said...

Hey Karen ~ It's said that Native Americans used to call them in to provide healing powers. Perhaps your ankle will feel even better tomorrow...;)

I, too, love the Raven. It's my secret wish to find a young one that needs some type of care and have it as a bonded free-range pet. Odds of that happening aren't good. They are too clever.

Bakavi said...

Ravens are just so smart and have such wonderful powers attributed to them. Although I have not seen one in the wild, I love them and have named three different dogs Raven. I would not normally use a dogs name more than once but ravens are so special.
He was a good omen for you and the team.