Saturday, 1 May 2010

An Evening In The Valley

Last night 'The Posse' (Kara, Cricket, Bet and Bait) and I headed off into the woods for our evening walk rather then up the driveway.
We had left straight after feeding, so I didn't have my camera with me. Honestly, the woods aren't too exciting at this time of year. Other then the Pasque flowers there isn't much that is braving spring yet. The sounds of the woods were spectacular though.
The robins are back and were singing like crazy. When you get anywhere close to the river you can hear the chorus of thousands of frogs! A few geese and ducks were coming and going from the big beaver pond, quacking and honking as they did. And a couple coyotes even loaned their voices to the valley for awhile (they were quite close and that made Bait stick closer to his Mommy!)

It was so beautiful that after I got back with the dogs (and cat) I let them into the house, grabbed my camera and puttered out to the bench that overlooks the beaver pond on the ATV.
I tried to capture the sounds with the video on my camera, but the mic just wasn't sensitive enough.
I sat for a long while enjoying a first class concert and watching the warm glow of the setting sun bathe the edge of the valley before it retired for the night.

I love my corner of the world!



Beth G said...

What a stunning photo! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Pat in MN said...

Great spot and how nice to have a bench to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. Any beaver?

Karen Ramstead said...

I refuse to comment on whether or not there were beavers, as I like having them in that pond and saying I saw any is bound to lead to a hunting trip!