Monday, 31 May 2010

A Lazy Rainy Day

After two days of steady rain this morning the sun is breaking through and the outdoors are calling! I must cut grass and while Mother Nature took care of filling water buckets for a bit, I need to scrub them all out today. And I think I may move the Brits outside for the afternoon!

But before I heed the call of the kennel, I thought I'd share a few photos from yesterday. It was a lazy day watching the Indy 500 and the NASCAR race.

Hambone has been taking lessons from Fletch!

Todd reflects the mood of the day!


Todd and 'Uncle Crunchie's' favorite toy, Sheepie. I hope Crunch doesn't find out!


Nothing cuter then puppy toes!

Auntie Bet is very tolerant of the little Monsters!

Auntie Kara put up with this until Hambone tried to nurse - then he was QUICKLY put in his place!

And now off to the Great Outdoors!!!


Priscilla said...

Hi! Glad I found you! Your sibe pups are too cute :)

Jenny Glen said...

Uh oh! A sheep toy? Are you trying to convince them they are actually border collies?

Anonymous said...

I was kind of sad when I checked the web cam and the blue pool was all empty, I just checked again thinking I was going to see it gone and there's another bunch of lil puppies there! Woo