Saturday, 1 May 2010

Siberians In The Mist

This morning was a misty, foggy, cool one in the Tawatinaw River valley - perfect for running dogs!! So that is exactly what we did!

While the dogs took a break I snuck over to the bench that overlooks the beaver pond to take a picture!

A lot different from last night's shot!

The dogs did GREAT!!! They were absolutely on fire today! I had Spider in lead with young Casey.

Stopping at the local 'watering hole'!

It looks like a mess, but without necklines things sorted themselves out almost without my help!

Billie loves the water!!

Spidey too!!

One of the coolest things about foggy mornings is the spider webs!!!!

Definitely a good time!!!


Wulik Siberians said...

Makes me long for fall... and it's not even summer yet! Glad you're taking advantage of the cool temps and the dogs look like they're having a blast... as usual!

Anonymous said...

Eagle says "Hello" to his Aunt Spider and hopes to be just like her some day.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of all the dogs, but must admit I especially love seeing pictures of Billie! Give her a hug and ear scratch from her sponsor!!