Sunday, 25 July 2010

2011 Mushing Alaska Calendars Are Available! - Kara

Kara here!

While the musher is out playing with the cute puppies, I'm left in the house, slaving away at the computer letting all of her fans know that the 2011 Mushing Alaska calendars are now available!

You'll never guess who made the cover this year!  Come on guess!!  GUESS!!!!

No, it wasn't me, and for that I'm a bit miffed, but it is the Dancing Rocket!
Yes, Rocket showed off her awesome steps for a photographer when she was taking a break from the Iditarod race at Nikolai and now she gets to show her stuff to gazillions of adoring fans in the official Mushing Alaska calendar.  I'm waiting by the phone for the scouts at "Dancing With The Stars" to call and offer her a cushy gig in Hollywood.

The Mushing Alaska calendar is chock full of images from this year's Iditarod and Yukon Quest.  Photographs by Jeff Schultz and other top mushing photographers.  Now, before you get all in a fluff, I just wanted to warn you that the Rocket pic is the ONLY North Wapiti dog pic, but its still the official calendar of the North Wapiti crew and hangs in our kitchen.

This year, signed (yes, you heard me right, these calendars are SIGNED... by the musher... Rocket is too busy and unavailable for signing) are available for the low, low, extremely low, need to talk to the musher about her sales skills low price of only $17 US, and that includes shipping and fluff... I mean handling.  All proceeds go to getting us all back to the Iditarod (or Yukon Quest... I'm not telling) and to resupply my dwindling Denta-stix supply.

To make it easy on everyone, there's a button over to the right, at the top where you can order.  If you want 1-3 calendars, just tell us that by selecting the amount, and clicking "add to cart".  If you want more than that then contact Heather and let her know how many and she'll handle it.

You can also place an order by sending the musher a check at:

Karen Ramstead
Box 9
Perryvale, Alberta
Canada T0G 1T0

Please note that Canada Post is REAAAAALLLLY slow, so orders placed with the musher may take a bit longer than by paypal, so just be patient.

The musher and I thank you in advance for your support.


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