Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"California is a great place to live if you're an orange." - Fred A. Allen

You wouldn't think that California would be a good place to live if you were a sled dog, but I just got back from spending 3 days with some of the coolest mushers and happiest 'sled dogs' that I've ever met!! The hosts of the event were the folks from UrbanMushing.com and what fantastic hosts they were. Between my two presentations they managed to take me out for a couple of great meals, host a BBQ, get me out on a lovely 5 mile hike, and go on a wonderful run with there own dogs, which I completely loved watching (their 'launch' was truly memorable!!! As was watching Tigger the Wonder Dog!!!)  I so wish I had brought my camera!!

Thank you to all the organizers (if I named names I'd be SO scared to miss someone!!) and to everyone that took the time to come out. You guys are the best!!!  I had such a good time!

On the way home from California, I picked up a hitchhiker in the Seattle airport. I was unable to shake her once I landed in Edmonton (although it was close -  we did have to have a chat with Immigration Canada to convince them she wasn't kidnapped)

Yup, our niece Corrine is back at the kennel for a few weeks! We are all thrilled !!!

Here she is hanging out with little Mighty (her FAVORITE of all the puppies!).

I'm sure you will all be seeing alot more of her in the weeks to come!!

Life is Good!

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